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ElliptiGO Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, ElliptiGO has issued a safety recall on certain ElliptiGO 3C, ElliptiGO 8C, and ElliptiGO 11R models.

The recall issue
The front fork on the ElliptiGO can separate and the drive arm axles can detach during use, posing a fall hazard.

There has been one reported incident of the fork separating and ten reports of the drive arm detaching. One reported incident caused by a drive arm detaching resulted in minor abrasions.

How to identify if you have the recalled ElliptiGO
All ElliptiGOs have an aluminum frame, drive arms, two 20-inch spoked wheels, an internally geared hub, front and rear brakes, an adjustable-height steering column, and the word "ElliptiGO" along the outside of the frame. The 3C and 8C models are Black, Green, or Orange, with a "C-Series" decal toward the rear of the frame and aluminum drive arms. The 11R model is Matte Black with white markings and the "11R" decal is found toward the rear of the frame. Please see the photos below.

ElliptiGO 3C ElliptiGO 8C ElliptiGO 11R

ElliptiGO 3C
(Click photos to enlarge.)

ElliptiGO 8C ElliptiGO 11R
How to find the serial number on an ElliptiGO
How to find the serial number

The serial numbers on all models are located on the frame in front of the rear wheel near where the kickstand attaches to the frame (photos). Serial number ranges for the recalled 3C and 8C models are from 11-010-001 through 13-028-102, and for the 11R model from 12-003-069 through 12-020-035.

The recalled ElliptiGOs were sold through specialty bicycle retailers, specialty fitness retailers, and online at from April 2011 through October 2013 for about $1,800 to $3,500. About 7,200 units were sold in North America.

The Remedy

Consumers should stop using recalled ElliptiGOs until they have the fork upgraded with a safety retrofit and/or upgraded replacement drive arm axles installed. Consumers with affected ElliptiGOs should contact ElliptiGO online at to locate the closest authorized repair center.

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